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are BASED IN the South West of England although we have customers who come to us from as far as Essex, Hereford and the Isle of Wight and choose to holiday whilst we take care of their car.  We are a small but friendly, family run, independent TVR specialist situated on the Somerset/Devon border at Wellington. Our reputation with sports cars has meant we now regularly maintain other marques although, WITH OVER 26 YEARS OF EXPERIENCE,  TVR remain our love.


























What makes us different?


If you are looking for a large company with lots of staff & impressive premises, then we are not for you. We are a small family firm who take our time to get to know you and your car. Everyone at TVRSSW loves a hand-built British sports car with all its quirks and foibles. We wouldn’t own them if we didn’t and, being owners, we know what we like and how we want our cars cared for.


We have only two mechanics, Colin and Phil, each knowing every nut and bolt of a TVR. You can be sure that your car will receive individual service from someone who has already served a minimum of 15 years working specifically on the TVR marque as well as over 50 years between them in the trade ON VEHICLES SUCH AS TRIUMPH, LOTUS AND ROVER. You also have the opportunity to speak to the guy who works on your car directly so you get the feedback first hand.


Being independent of TVR, we have chosen not to be tied into contracts for parts and procedures. Instead we offer you our excellent reputation of transparency and honesty together with skill, knowledge and experience, attention to detail and dedication to the marque which has already provided excellent customer relationships. We have a large customer database from all over the south of England, South Wales and the Isle of Wight, people who travel miles to see us and come back year after year because they know we will do what is best for their car.


Additionally we have  database covering most other marques as people look for a workshop that can offer them a reliable and trustworthy service for their vehicle at reasonable cost. Never complacent, we always put our customer service at the top of our list.



No matter what the vehicle, whether it be routine servicing, major upgrades or a complete re-build, TVRSSW hope for a long term relationship to serve you and your car better. We will do everything we can to ensure that your car remains on the road, giving the pleasure of driving at a reasonable cost.








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