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For those who don't know me, my name is Colin (Big Col to many) and I've been involved with sports cars for more years than I care to mention.


Starting out at an Austin Rover Garage, I served my apprenticeship working on Rover engines and spent time as an MOT tester.


After about 12 years, looking for something different, I started work at Streber Motor Sport with Chris Smith. I learnt to build TVR's and Porsches for racing. This culminated in the team supporting driver Ian Flux in winning the TVR Tuscan Championship in 1996.

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Moving on to Brooklands, I picked up all the necessary from working for a TVR main dealer before moving to Peninsula Automotive with Richard Smith, my mechanic mate from the Fluxie win of 1996 when he started on his own.


I continued to work alongside Rich, as Workshop Foreman and Master Technician, as he has progressed from Peninsula to Oaklands with a Lotus Dealership and finally at Dulford Automotive covering a whole spectrum of makes and models with TVRs at the heart.


TVRSSW was established in 2012 after the sad demise of Dulford and, here I am, 5 years later,  a lucky man who has a job which is more like a hobby. I get to fix the cars whilst others deal with the paperwork.


2017 has been an extremely busy year so far and i am always amazed at the number of owners who put their faith in me to take car of their cars. Current projects for the winter include a complete restoration of a griffith, the upgrade of a cerbera race car, a few outrigger replacements and a triumph spitfire plus a vw beetle for re-build.


So there you go, 25 years of experience. I may have lost most of my hair but my love for the car continues.


TVRS (SW) is very much a family business and you will meet either my wife Tina or son Matt who alongside me keeping the paperwork straight and trying to keep me in order. Even brother-in-law, David is with us most Saturdays cleaning up your pride and joy ready for the off. My daughter Kayleigh organises our open days for us & umpires at meetings.


We love TVR's, the Mrs has a couple Chimaeraa, Matt is building a Griff and I have a couple of Taimars hidden away until I have time to titivate (or re-build depending on which one you are looking at).  Even Phil isn't immune with a Tuscan Race Car being built and a griffith restoration project also underway.


away from the workshop (which isn't as often as the family would like) i enjoy my fishing and use the race van to get away camping with tina and paddy for some peace & quiet when i can. i am also lucky to have three beautiful grandchildren, oliver, madeline & stanley who are my favourite playmates.


So there you go, that's me - the guy who, hopefully, looks after your car.



Best Wishes