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TVRS (SW) can service, repair, MOT and maintain your car to a high standard.


Fixed prices for servicing are available to include parts, labour and oil. We can also tailor a service to your needs so if you've only done a few miles we can check it over and you only pay for the necessary.




  - Full body off to local repairs

  - Chassis Repairs

  - Trim works to include carpets,

  - rear windows and roof




  - Chassis Clean and WaxOyl

  - Wheel Alignment




geometry - ARE YOU Getting the best ride from your car?


Incorrect wheel alignment can result in rapid irregular tyre wear and can even affect the handling and safety of the vehicle. By checking the angle and direction of your wheels and tyres, our wheel alignment service can ensure you get the most out of your tyres and a smoother ride.


If your car has adjustable spring platforms or adjustable ride height, rather than simply setting the ride height, we can now offer a corner weighting service so we can individually set each corner. The platforms can be adjusted up or down to optimise the distribution of weight around the car so it has the best balance.


If a car has more weight on one side than the other then the heavier side will have more grip when braking and accelerating.  At best, this imbalance will make the car feel nervous and in the worst cases, will cause loss of traction or wheel lock up.


A perfectly balanced car will handle the same when turning left and right, will be maximising tyre contact on all four corners and therefore have more grip all round.


we can offer


wheel balancing




4 wheel alignment


cornerweight check up (Starting from £35 plus vat)


full corner weight set up (starting from £99 plus vat)



The introductory price of our new corner weighting service, to include shock absorber adjustment and four wheel alignment is just £225 including vat.





We also provide specialist services for performance cars such as :-


Track Day Preparation:


  - Suspension Set Up

  - Engine Tune Up

  - Safety Checks


Race Preparation:


 - Roll Cage Installation

 - Seats and Harnesses

 - Suspension Set Up

 - Standard and Bespoke Engine Rebuilds

 - Camera Installation



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