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Terms and Conditions

Technical Vehicle Repairs and Servicing (South West) Ltd

Terms & Conditions of Trading.

(Subject to change without notice).



All works carried out as detailed within our invoices are subject to an express mechanics lien.

We will also not be held responsible for loss of or damage to vehicles, or articles left therein, whilst under our custody or control howsoever caused, we therefore request that the customer remove any items of value before leaving their vehicle in our custody.


Incidental work and materials.

In carrying out the work ordered, we are to do (or procure to be done by specialists) such incidental work and to supply such materials and/or parts or reconditioned units as we consider necessary or desirable for the purposes of complying effectually with the customer’s instructions.



Unless the charge for work is to be according to a written estimate to the customer, labour charges will be based upon Industry Standard repair and servicing times, or time as taken if unstated operations or extra work is encountered, and materials/parts used in carrying out the work ordered.



Our best endeavours will be made to comply with the customer’s wishes as to the time when the work should be completed, but we shall not be held responsible for any consequence due to the work taking longer to complete caused by anything outside our control.


Force Majeur.

TVRSSW shall not be under any liability to the customer in respect of any failure to perform or delay in performing any of its contractual obligations to the customer attributable to any cause of whatsoever nature beyond TVRSSW reasonable control and no such failure or delay for any purpose of these conditions to constitute a breach of contract.



Responsibility for the safety of the vehicle, its accessories and contents cannot be accepted by ourselves in respect of matters arising beyond our control.  The customer is earnestly recommended to make certain that his/her own policy of insurance covers the usual risks of Fire, Burglary, Theft, Frost, Impact or other Damage or Loss including whilst being left at a motor vehicle repair workshop.


Warranty/Guarantee (Not transferable to a subsequent owner or third party).

(See also sub-heading “New or Second Hand Parts Supplied by the Customer or TVRSSW”)

Any invoice queries or discrepancies must be notified to TVRSSW direct within 7 days of date of invoice.

Unless otherwise agreed in writing, all new parts supplied/fitted by TVRSSW or our agents will be subject to that particular manufacturers/reconditioners warranty periods and conditions and their decision or judgement shall be final. Labour will be guaranteed for a period not exceeding 3 months or 1,000 miles (whichever is the sooner).  In the event of failure within the warranty periods, all warranty repairs are to be undertaken by ourselves unless arranged with us by our prior written agreement, in which case we must have sight of the particular fault before the alleged faulty component/part/unit is removed from the vehicle (all removed parts must be returned to us for our inspection).

Title of any removed parts passes to TVRSSW upon any payment being made from ourselves to the customer or his/her agent. Transportation or any incidental costs must be made by the customer and will not be accepted by us.


New or Second Hand Parts Supplied by the Customer or TVRSSW.

Any new, recycled or second-hand parts that are supplied by the customer will not be covered under any warranty agreement by TVRSSW whatsoever.  Second hand parts as supplied by TVRSSW or our agents will be covered for a maximum warranty period of one calendar month or 1,000 miles (whichever is sooner) and warranty shall be deemed to cover the part only.


Title of Goods.

TVRSSW shall retain full ownership title of any/all parts listed and supplied until paid for in full.  We therefore reserve the right under law to remove at the customer’s expense, any/all parts owned by TVRSSW and not paid for by the customer within the specified period, we also reserve the right to subsequently pursue within the legal system, any/all outstanding debts owed to us.

Accounts. Please also refer to ‘Temporary Account Customers’ under Payment heading below.

In the event of the customer’s account, or part thereof, remaining unpaid for a period of twenty one days after invoicing, we reserve the right under law to charge an initial administration charge of £30-00 + vat and thereafter, interest at eight per cent per annum above The Bank of England base lending rate in force at that time, on all amounts unpaid after that date.  Also, should the account remain unpaid for a further seven days after the due date, we will start legal procedures without further notice, for the recovery of all unpaid monies plus interest and legal costs. Historic payment trends shall not apply.


Collection of Vehicle.

Upon completion of works to the customer’s vehicle, the customer will be informed that the vehicle is ready for collection and an invoice will be prepared. If the customer fails to collect the vehicle and remove it from the premises of TVRSSW within 3 working days after being informed that said vehicle is ready, TVRSSW reserves the right to charge the customer additional storage charges of £15-00 (fifteen pounds) or an amount deemed correct (if different) + vat per day.


Payment. (Subject to express mechanics lien).

Payment shall be made by Cash, Credit/Debit Card, Bank Transfer or Cheque covered by a guarantee card, made payable to ‘TVRSSW. (Cash over £400, Credit card, either private or business, or business Debit card use may be subject to a minimum 2.5% surcharge at our discretion).

All invoices must be paid in full upon completion of work and the presenting of the relevant invoice. Or in the case of temporary account customers for which the relevant paperwork and agreements will have been completed, by no later than return of post unless prior written agreements for full account facilities have been made (historic payment trends do not apply).

If the work has been completed and invoiced whilst we still retain the vehicle, and a following period of three months has elapsed, we reserve the right to dispose of the vehicle and to use the proceeds from any sale to repay the outstanding debt. Any amounts still owing to TVRSSW after the disposal will remain outstanding and procedures as set out in ‘Accounts’ above, will be started.