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Who are we?


Owner, Colin Apps, who has over 20 years experience of the TVR marque, (and over 35 years experience of the Rover V8 engine) has a very good reputation for providing the best possible care and attention to detail, ensuring a professional service with all works carried out to the highest standard.


Maintaining a TVR requires expertise and an in-depth knowledge and, over the years, Colin has gained a wealth of experience and skills specific to all models of TVR and their uses.


Phil Foreman, sport and classic car specialist, works alongside Col on a regular basis bringing with him skills and expertise in chassis building, repair and maintenance. Like Col, he is a TVR enthusiast with a passion for motor sport and is building his own Tuscan race car having been seen out and about on the racing circuit over recent years.


Matt Apps is in charge of customer service, manning the phone and emails, ordering parts and general day to day movement of cars to trimmers, painters and MOT stations. Matt has grown up around the cars and finally taken the plunge with a chassis and body for a Griffith. Now at the point where the newly refurbished chassis has been joined by an engine, gearbox, diff and body, one of these days, a beautifully prepared Griff will be unmissable on our roads.


Kayleigh Bell was instrumental in setting up the business originally. Currently her time is taken up with two gorgeous children, but Kayleigh organises our very successful Open Days and very much involved with the day to day happenings of the company.


Tina Apps, wife and mum, is left with the horrible but necessary bits of the business. From VAT returns to insurance and all the admin in between, she tries to keep up with the day to day needs of the business having given up a full time job at Balfour Beatty. Having handed over her kitchen savings 'temporarily' for a chimaera, she is now hooked. The kitchen may be falling apart but her Chimaera is no longer for selling.


David Slater is an enthusiast who voluntarily gives up virtually every Saturday to spend time at the workshop doing whatever is needed to progress the business. He washes, he cleans, he puts things up and he take things down, he takes things out and he puts things in. He is meticulous when it comes to a thorough clear of your car.


Andy Race (aka tvrmonster or guillotine), isn't officially TVRS, but he is the guy who has supported, cajoled and helped us along the way and, as we sleep with him regularly at the race tracks, he has to be family!. Cut him in half and you'll find TVR printed like a stick of rock. He is one of the great ambassadors for TVR and a great guy all round.

Additionally we are also supported by Mike Blake who is entrusting us with race cars for the 2015 season and Hugh Marshall and Mark Czajka whose Tuscans have been racing with the help of  TVRSSW at the DTEC throughout 2014.






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