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If you are looking for a large company with lots of staff & impressive premises, then we are not for you. We are a small family firm who take our time to get to know you and your car. Everyone at TVRSSW loves a hand-built British sports car with all its quirks and foibles. We wouldn’t own them if we didn’t and, being owners, we know what we like and how we want our cars cared for.

So if you are looking for someone who is Rover trained, has had almost 30 years experience specifically as a TVR mechanic, both dealership and indie, and is passionate about the marque then you've found him.


So we are a small family firm who concentrate on what we do best so we service, repair & restore. There is no hard selling (well not much selling at all) and you will get honest advice on what  your car needs now and what to watch for the future. We have only three mechanics, all with great experience of TVR, so you can be sure that your car will receive individual service and you have the opportunity to speak to the guy who works on your car directly so you get the feedback first hand.


Always independent, we have chosen not to be tied into contracts for parts and procedures. Instead we offer you our excellent reputation of transparency and honesty together with skill, knowledge and experience, attention to detail and dedication to the marque which has already provided excellent customer relationships. We have a large customer database from all over the country, people who travel miles to see us and come back year after year because they know we will do what is best for their car. Never complacent, we always put our customer service at the top of our list.

We are a true family business with Colin in the workshop, Tina running the office and accounts, Matt taking charge of the MOT and parts department, Kayleigh organising events and David valeting and pit crew member for race events.


Matt also runs his own company, Chelston Car Storage Ltd which, as well as offering car storage, also trades as offering TVR parts online. Between us we have 5 and a half TVR's. Matt and David are able to enjoy their cars whilst Col and Tina's chimaeras and taimars are all still at project stage.


No matter what the vehicle, whether it be routine servicing, major upgrades or a complete re-build, TVRSSW hope for a long term relationship to serve you and your car better. We will do everything we can to ensure that your car remains on the road, giving the pleasure of driving at a reasonable cost.

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