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Upgrades come in all shapes, sizes and costs. Whether you are simply looking to upgrade your air filter, you need to replace your radiator, you can't decide on standard or poly bushes or its time to bite the bullet on a great set of shock absorbers, why not give us a ring to discuss your options?


The Nitron NTR R1 system offers unrivalled performance and value with a design that gives drivers a wide range of effective, easy to use damping control.


A Silicone hose will outperform and outlast conventional rubber type hoses which make them ideal for use on a high powered sports car.


The Reyland TVR Brake kits start with a 295 disc to fit a 15" wheel and go up in sizes thereafter. Components of the kit include AP calipers & discs with surface & colour options to choose from.


Stainless steel manifolds & de-cat pipes look fabulous but can also make a difference to your bhp too.

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